Thursday, August 25, 2011

pagi yang gelap.

excuse me beautiful, young, lucky girl. you are very lucky enough as he loves you with all his heart. he never act like this, before he met you. he get sick when you plan running from his life. he cant focus on his study because you that he always study. he tries his best to understand you. to make you happy and proud to have him. he cries whenever he feels that you could find the other better man than him. he scares of losing you as you are the queen of his heart. seriously, trust me, he never be like this until he met you. how lucky you are. so, i do hope,,, please,,,Don't you ever dare to break his heart. as his heart,,,actually,,, and somehow should be,,,mine

breaking his, is like you breaking mine.


najwa said...

cep ke laki tuh ??

Amirah Nadia said...

takde laki laen lagi ek dalam dunia aku?