Friday, August 24, 2012

the real Sun.

Selfishs are here somewhere around me. that is the saddest part. they got their very own good lives and they thought of the same too in others people lives. Fuck that. be grateful because not all have a fortunate life as yours. 

He is different. he's not like the guys that some girls are dating now. he has his own characters that you cant find in other guys. he's somehow,,, rare. i remembered that time when we used to sit on the curb, side of the road. we were eating ice creams. we talked about the cars that passed by. we talked about each others lives. i loved to hear stories from him. they were all interesting. unlike mine. dull and boring. we laughed on the ice creams marks on each other shirts. i liked it when he thought of exchanging the ice creams and how his face reacted on vanilla. he hated it that much. i always love every "curb with ice creams" moments. but we rarely did this. because we rarely met. its not twice a week nor twice a month. prolly i can say that maybe once a month or months. but that doesnt tear us apart. i dont know, it's like,,, we're tied up. i love him. i really do. he never said like this. but i can see it in his eyes. yes. he's not like any other guys who can easily speak that three words. he's never indeed. because he didnt says. he showed.

i dont mind what people think and say. they asked me to leave. but i know he'll come. that's why i aint go anywhere. because i know, when he's back, the Sun will show up.

Monday, August 6, 2012

tenang tenang sayang


hilang menyepi.

selepas engkau datang malam tadi.

malam tadi indah.

tak melihat wajah engkau sekian lama hatinya gundah.

tapi malam tadi indah.

engkau datang mengejut.

terkejut dia.

tapi dia gembira.

kerna kau kejutkan kan dia dengan sehelai kertas.

puisi alun lembut engkau tulis buat dia terbang tinggi.

penuh ikhlas dari hati sanubari kau bacakan. dia terharu sakan.

dia alirkan air jernih menyusuri pipi. engkau sekakan.

kata engkau,
"aku disini sayang, tak perlu kau risau,"

malam itu rambut dia engkau belai manja.

sampai dia tertidur lenanya.

"cantik," bisik hati. "tika tidur pun masih cantik,"

pasti dia tidur hati berbunga kerana tidurnya dalam dakapanmu. lena.

namun nyenyaknya dia buat engkau tersentak. ya masanya sudah tiba.

perlahan kau alihkan tangan, tinggalkan dia yang tidur dalam taman.

engkau hilang lagi. macam hari hari sebelum ini.

tapi engkau janji dalam hati,

"sayang, aku akan datang kembali sepurnama lagi,"