Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Of Car and Tree

I'm the stationary tree
And you are the moving car
I stay, fixed to my roots.
And you, with all the fuels and engine, traveling everywhere your heart desires.

If I have to be a tree till the day I die
I don't want to be the bad tree.
Stopping you all of sudden
Make you crashed on me while you're in motion.

Let me be the tree you're always looked  back to.
Drives all day and back to me at night
Hides under my shades when the sun extremely bright.
Give you the kind of serenity and calmness in every tides.

Perhaps someday I will be a moving car just like you.
But to be a stationary tree is nothing less, too.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Nanti Dia Baik Sendiri

Hati orang
Biar aku tatang-timangkan
Biar aku cuci-lapkan
Biar aku hias-cantikkan

Hati orang
Biar aku jaga-elokkan
Biar aku lihat-tengokkan
Biar aku tampal-jahitkan

Hati aku
Biar aku perosok bawah katil
Biar aku sorok dalam gobok
Biar aku simpan belakang pintu

Tak terjagakan
Tak terlihatkan
Tak terjahitkan

Biar dia elok sendiri
Biar dia tengokkan diri sendiri
Biar dia tertampal sendiri

Jangan peduli
Usah kisah
Nanti dia baik sendiri

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Write About Me

Am I worth your inks?
Am I worth your times?
Am I worth every pages every lines?

Write about me
Spill the page with my names
Throw your thoughts on me
Burst it out in the midnight flames

And when you write
Let it be true from your heart
Make it sincere
It could be bad or something dear

Write about me
Don't tell anyone or even me
Nobody needs to know about it
It's only you and the white sheet

Just write about me
In your sleepless night, maybe?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Burning Photos

Enough is enough
I'm sick
Why aren't you just leave?

It's either me or you
I don't know
I can't think of other ways
It's fucking torturing, dude.

If it's just as easy as burned down photos

Serius, beb.