Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Struggle

I should've stopped worrying
I should've stopped caring
I should've stopped remembering
I should've stopped looking
I should've stopped crying
I should've stopped trying

No I'm not trying. Never. It just came. I just being me. The weakest me. You weakens me, every single time. You're a kryptonite. I just can't. And it destroyed me.

You destroy me.

It's not your fault anyway.
I made a promise to myself about you then, and I loosed it.
God gives me strength, please.
We've talked about this right?
I had enough. Please.

Have mercy.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Vise Versa

Aku dengan segala kemahuanmu
Sungguh vise versa
Aku dengan seluruh seleramu
Terlalu kontra
Hidup sejuta tahun pun aku masih lagi tak mampu memenuhi kemahuanmu juga selera kamu
Kerana aku tak sama.
Dan takkan pernah sama.
Juga takkan pernah cuba-cuba
Untuk jadi selari dengan mimpi-mimpimu

Aku itu cuma ini
Yang kau lihat ini
Inilah aku.
Ini sahaja
Cuma ini.
Yang aku mampu beri
Untuk kamu
Terima atau pergi.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


When you thought that you'd own everything but you're not.

Sucks to have this kind of feeling.

When you give all of you but it's never enough.

Need someone to talk but you don't know who to trust anymore.

Or at least, willing to listen.

You're alone in a crowded place. You thought that you belong to them but you're wrong.

Who's going to listen? Who's willing to? There's no one you can trust now.

Mend your heart by yourself. Keep all the tears inside. No one would want to see or care.

You need help. You think you need help. But there's no one.

The street's empty. So as your heart.

Stop calling. Because nobody's here.

Deal with it alone. By all means.

Deal it, yourself.